About us

I first began to see and love old carpets at the age of ten, when I began an apprenticeship under a master repairman who worked along the Silk Road, near the ancient Caravanserai in Sultanhani, in Central Anatolia.

After  many years of study and  experience, I opened my own carpet busıness ın Sultanhani in 1980, utilızing my undertanding of color, design  and carpet history. Anatolia was filled with the richness of many extraordinary carpets ; they became my teachers, and I was their student. I found that the beauty of these carpets opened my heart.

In 1990, I moved my business to Istanbul, where I have continued to cultivate relationships with clients and customers that have lasted over fifteen years. I maintain a group of master repairmen who perform restorations for many international, antique, carpet dealers, and, I am able to sell at wholesale prices to all my clients, whether they are dealers or collectors, by keeping my fingers on the pulse of the antique rug market on a daily basis.

Over the years, I have also developed a deep passion for antique textiles, and  include my discoveries of these rare and magical pieces along with my carpet offerıngs. I am especially interested in antique Ottoman textiles that contain writing, or script, in their design.

I invite you to look at my offerings, and I welcome your questions and comments. There can be no second chance for a first impression, and I hope that this brief description causes you to inquire further about my merchandise, my desire to share my love of antique weaving, and my  sincerity.

Wıth Kind Regards,

Ahmet  &  Necati  KOKOGLU